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Sustainable yoga for Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam

Updated: Jun 21

“Planting trees is a part of yoga, too.” — Paramguru Sharath Jois

Concurring with the Vedic view, humankind was one in language and religion amid the Golden Age. Human creatures had an intrinsic contact with the Divine Self inside conjointly had clairvoyant powers and photographic recollections. This made books and other media superfluous. Religious education was also not required and no innovation was required either.

Human life was going through in Sadhana or spiritual practice and human consciousness unreservedly moved through the spaces of infinite awareness, remaining in concordance with both nature and the Soul.

In modern times, we have evolved so much, but the connection of humans with nature remains the same. It needs nourishment, which can be easily achieved through sustainable yoga practices

The practice of yoga moreover teaches one the principle of "Aparigraha" which suggests non-greediness and non-possessiveness. This benefits the environment as yoga makes a difference in individuals to appreciate what they have and dodge overconsumption.

In case the rise of eco-friendly and plastic-free development has taught us anything, it's merely do not have to be fit any generalization to be a naturalist. Beyond any doubt, individuals who care approximately the soil can be "crunchy" or a flower child. But they can moreover be truly anybody, since regarding the Soil is one of the foremost imperative things people can do. And the same goes for yoga — indeed on the off chance that you do not fit the otherworldly yogi shape, you'll clearly still appreciate practicing yoga.

So, if you're fascinated by making beyond any doubt your yoga practice is eco-friendly to the max, here are seven tips for greenifying your yoga stream.

1.Purchase an eco-friendly Yoga mat:

Buy yoga mats that are made of jute, eco-friendly materials, or earth-friendly materials that help our earth breathe again. Naturally anti-bacterial and sustainable cork yoga mats are used. The brand is made with 100 percent biodegradable materials, from natural rubber to recycled plastic bottle microfibers, to avoid toxic plastic products as responsible citizens, we should always go for earth friendly products to secure today and tomorrow.

2.Clean Your yoga mat With Earth-Friendly products:

In case you're frequently trickling sweat onto your yoga mat or in the event that you're laying it down on your yoga studio's floor, you ought to likely give it a great cleaning after each session and after that. Clean your home with natural or eco-friendly products that don’t have any adverse effects on the environment.

3.Purchase sustainable clothing as a workout dress :

Purchase workout dresses from brands that offer sustainably made and recycled fabrics that support your body .

4.Buy a reusable water bottle :

Buy a sustainable water bottle to stay hydrated during your yoga session.

5. Make your favorite yoga studio more eco-friendly :

If you are a yoga instructor, make your place more eco-friendly to follow the trend and make it more sustainable. It will also help your clients attain the goal at a much faster pace, and of course, you will be able to attract more business in a holistic way, Not to mention that your sustainable yoga studio will help with cost and you will be able to save more.

5.Take Your practice Exterior :

Break from your air-conditioned (or heated) yoga studio by getting outside. Utilise the opportunity to practice outside, interface with nature, and breathe in a few discussions that's likely fresher than the sweat-soaked environment.

Shared By Dr. Rumi Borah

Assam State Chair - Circular Economy

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