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Rumi Borah is a Woman Entrepreneur is someone who wants to LEARN, LEAD and leave a LEGACY.

Dr. Rumi Borah is a dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability, specializing in the circular economy and women's economic empowerment

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Her Story

Dr. Rumi Borah, an impassioned social entrepreneur and women's rights advocate from Assam, gazed out over the lush, verdant fields of her homeland. The Brahmaputra River flowed gracefully through the land, its waters a lifeline for the communities that had thrived along its banks for centuries. Yet, as she looked, she saw not just the beauty but also the struggles that plagued her beloved region: poverty, lack of opportunities for women, and the pressing threat of environmental degradation.

With a heart full of resolve, Dr. Borah founded the KRB Foundation, naming it after the three powerful symbols she cherished: Knowledge, Resilience, and Balance. The foundation's mission was clear: to empower women economically and promote environmental sustainability, thereby transforming not just Assam but the world.

Her Childhood

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Children's Day at Sarvapara MVS school on Climate Change activity


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