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The Assam Government's Women Empowerment Scheme supports women and upholds the culture of the state.

Assam, India, aimed at supporting women's empowerment and welfare. Here are some common areas where the government may provide grants and support for women in Assam:

  1. Kanyashree Prakalpa: This is a scheme aimed at promoting the welfare of girl students. It provides financial assistance to girls for their education and other related expenses.

  2. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana: While this is a central government scheme, it is implemented across India, including Assam. It provides loans to women entrepreneurs to start or expand their small businesses.

  3. Assam Women's Development Corporation (AWDC): This organization may offer various programs and grants aimed at empowering women in the state. They may focus on skill development, entrepreneurship, and other areas.

  4. Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY): This is a central government scheme, but it operates in Assam as well. It provides financial assistance to pregnant women for maternity and delivery-related expenses.

  5. Assam State Rural Livelihoods Mission (ASRLM): ASRLM may have programs and grants aimed at promoting women's self-help groups and income-generating activities in rural areas.

  6. Arundhati Gold Scheme: Under this scheme, the government provides a one-time financial assistance of gold worth a certain amount to brides from economically disadvantaged families.

  7. Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY): Although this is a central government scheme, it operates in Assam as well. It provides financial support to pregnant and lactating women to ensure proper nutrition and healthcare during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  8. Swa-Kalita Scheme: This scheme focuses on supporting women's self-help groups (SHGs) and providing them with financial assistance and training to undertake income-generating activities.

  9. Majoni Scheme: It is designed to provide financial assistance to destitute widows in Assam to help them meet their basic needs.

  10. Kunki Kalyan Yojana: This scheme offers financial assistance to the daughters of tea garden workers for their education and other essential expenses.

  11. Prerona: This is an initiative to provide vocational training and skill development opportunities to women, enabling them to gain employment or start their businesses.

  12. Assam Women's University: The Assam Women's University offers educational programs and scholarships aimed at women's education and skill development.

  13. Mukhya Mantri Atmanirbhar Asom

The Assam government’s most recent endeavor to increase employment prospects is the Atmanirbhar Asom Cheme. The Mukhya Mantri Atmanirbhar Asom (MMAA) Scheme would provide financial help. The government would also provide 2 lakh qualifying applicants with financial aid over a two-year period, in addition to subsidies and an interest-free loan that must be repaid after five years.

Remember that government programs and schemes can change over timeIt's essential to visit the official website of the Assam government or contact local government offices to get the most current information on grants and support available for women in the state

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