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“Teachers at the heart of education recovery”

"Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery" emphasizes the crucial part that educators play in the process of repairing and enhancing the educational system after a crisis or difficult time. This idea emphasizes how crucial it is to provide instructors top priority and support because they are crucial in promoting student growth and learning.

In the context of education recovery, several key ideas are associated with this statement:

  1. Expertise and Leadership: Teachers are seen as experts in their field and as leaders in the classroom. Their knowledge, experience, and dedication are essential for guiding students through times of disruption or change.

  2. Adaptation and Resilience: Teachers must adapt to changing circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and develop innovative teaching strategies to ensure that students continue to receive a quality education.

  3. Mental and Emotional Support: Education recovery often involves addressing the social and emotional needs of students who may have experienced trauma or disruption. Teachers are in a unique position to provide emotional support and create a safe learning environment.

  4. Professional Development: Investing in teacher professional development is crucial for ensuring that educators have the skills and knowledge needed to navigate evolving educational landscapes.

  5. Collaboration: Teachers should work closely with education stakeholders, including parents, administrators, and policymakers, to develop and implement effective recovery plans.

  6. Equity and Inclusion: Teachers play a critical role in addressing educational inequalities and ensuring that all students have access to a quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances.

  7. Community Engagement: Engaging with the broader community is essential for successful education recovery efforts, and teachers often serve as a bridge between schools and the community.

Overall, the phrase "Teachers at the heart of education recovery" emphasizes the central role that teachers play in driving positive change within the education system and ensuring that students receive the support and opportunities they need to succeed, especially during challenging times. Happy Teachers day 2023

Dr.Rumi Borah

Dr.Rumi Borah

  • Honorary Doctorate,

  • WICCI's National President for Funding and Investment,

  • Founder of Janitri (KRB Foundation)

  • Assam State Chair - Circular Economy, G100 Club,

  • Editor in chief - She Business Time

  • North East’s Woman Leaders 2023 By World Women Leadership Congress

  • Swabhalambhi Naree Award 2023 By WICCI Handloom Council

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2022 By Women's Economic Forum

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2022 By Women's Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries

  • Global Choice Award 2022

  • MSME Social Entrepreneur Nominee 2021

  • IWA Mompreneurs Award 2021

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