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Mother and her responsibilities to make a beautiful society

It is time to empower the pure energy source or Mothers to come forward and help themselves and others if we want to build a beautiful world around.

Mothers are made up of pure love and infinite energy source and without them, there is no meaning of life ..Rumi Borah

In my previous blog, I have defined the meaning of "Maa"

Puranas say Maa is Lakshmi. Probably the mother (Lakshmi) is made from this mother. Because Lakshmi obeys, the mother also follows the infant. If seen in this way, then the mother is a form of Lakshmi. For this reason, some scholars believe that mother means ma + aa means I mean superpower and aa mean soul ie mother, thus mother is the best work of God through which God communicates and expands his power through his share The Mother. May we take inspiration from them and accord all women the respect that they rightly deserve. And may all women inspire themselves to get rid of all ignorant acts and rise up to fulfill the great responsibility that they owe to the society