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Trends in Telemedicine Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The continuous development of technology that paves the way towards the expansion of connections through the internet and the growth of the capacity to process data has created greater possibilities of the development of the global health industry especially telemedicine. Information sharing, data analytics, internet of things, wearables, cloud technology, and robotics are currently rising as some of the drivers for innovation for the next decade.

With these aspects steering towards the responses to the large amount of data used in healthcare, the requirement of consistent accuracy in complex procedures, and increasing demand in service for healthcare, it becomes is evident that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has a major role in the operation and implementation of the technology. There is a need to develop the efficiency in allocating time and delivering healthcare needs and operations by automating hospital logistics . Telemedicine is the application of transferring medical information in through interactive digital communication to perform consultations, medical examinations and procedures, and medical professional collaborations at a distance . It is often highlighted that the telemedicine is an “open and constantly evolving science as it incorporates new advancements in technology and responds and adapts to the changing health needs and contexts of societies” . The main objectives of telemedicine are bridging the gap of accessibility and communication in the medical