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How women entrepreneurs may help India realise its goal of a $5 trillion economy

In order for India to reach its aim of growing its economy from 3.18 trillion USD to 5 trillion USD, the role of women in entrepreneurship is essential.

In a variety of ways, Indian women are significantly boosting the country's GDP growth. More and more Indian women are pursuing entrepreneurship and opening their own enterprises. They support economic growth and development by fostering innovation and opening up job possibilities.

1.Economic Growth and Employment Creation:

By establishing and expanding enterprises, female entrepreneurs can make a substantial contribution to economic growth. They can create employment possibilities by starting new businesses and growing current ones, which will assist lower unemployment and increase economic activity.

2.Diversification of Industries:

Women entrepreneurs frequently bring fresh viewpoints and concepts to the table, which promotes industry diversification. This can result in the creation of brand-new goods and services, which might promote the expansion of underserved or unexplored markets.

3.Greater invention:

An entrepreneurial ecosystem that is diverse and inclusive of women entrepreneurs promotes greater invention. Women may spot market niches and unexplored business opportunities that others would miss, which can result in creative solutions that stimulate the economy.

4.Inclusive Growth :

In order to achieve inclusive economic growth, it is critical to support women's entrepreneurship. By providing other women with chances for employment and skill development, women entrepreneurs may improve their communities.

5.Women's Empowerment:

By giving women financial freedom, decision-making power, and social recognition, entrepreneurship can help women feel more empowered. More active contributions to the economy and society can be made by empowered women.

6.Access to New Markets:

Businesses may be able to enter new markets and increase their clientele by utilising the unique perspective and understanding of consumer needs that female entrepreneurs may bring.

7.Social and Cultural Impact:

Positive improvements in social views and conventions regarding women's involvement in the economy might result from successful women entrepreneurs challenging preconceptions and traditional gender roles.

8.Increased Productivity and Efficiency:

India can unlock its full human resource potential and boost productivity and efficiency by encouraging female entrepreneurship and ensuring equitable chances.

9.Regional Development:

Women business owners in rural areas have a significant impact on the advancement of rural development and economic expansion. They can establish businesses that make use of local resources, create jobs, and advance rural areas as a whole.

10.Sustainable Development:

Women business owners frequently have a greater propensity for sustainable and ethical business practices. Businesses that priorities environmental and social concerns may result from this, helping India achieve its aims for sustainable development.

Overall, encouraging and supporting women's entrepreneurship is crucial for developing an egalitarian, diversified, and inclusive economy that benefits all facets of society in addition to helping India reach its economic goal of $5 trillion USD.

Dr.Rumi Borah

  • Honorary Doctorate,

  • WICCI's National President for Funding and Investment,

  • Founder of Janitri (KRB Foundation)

  • Assam State Chair - Circular Economy, G100 Club,

  • Editor in chief - She Business Time

  • North East’s Woman Leaders 2023 By World Women Leadership Congress

  • Swabhalambhi Naree Award 2023 By WICCI Handloom Council

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2022 By Women's Economic Forum

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2022 By Women's Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries

  • Global Choice Award 2022

  • MSME Social Entrepreneur Nominee 2021

  • IWA Mompreneurs Award 2021

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