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Entrepreneurial manure is required to bloom new wildflowers in Assam

Creativity refers to the essential source of inventiveness and can lead to the formation of new firms and to make improvements in existing products of the company to become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace. A blend of creativity and technology in the activities of entrepreneurship to commercialize the idea related to products and services is helpful to strengthen the entrepreneurship

The total population of Assam as per the 2011 census is 31,205,576 of which males and females are 15,939,443 and 15,266,133 respectively. When half of the population is female its highly important to improve the entrepreneurial mindset of Assamese women so that real economic growth can be addressed

Assam termed the land of “Blue Hills and Red River”, is surrounded by hills, rivers, and bravest hearts that are capable to provide solutions to any issues on the land