Mother and Daughter Love

“प्रकृतेः क्रियमाणानि गुणैः कर्माणि सर्वशः।
अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते॥ ३-२७"




"Mother is the heartbeat in the home 

and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob.”

Connecting mom's for a new starts

Meet Rumi

Mother II Social Entrepreneur II Truth - Seeker II Learner II


Contributor to the social causes ..

Passionate to promote  positivity and Happiness above all...

She is a mother of a 8 years old son, a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 + years of experience in various fields such as healthcareevententertainment, media & promotion, engineering, information technology, etc..

A goal-oriented Management professional, with 20+ years of experience in New Business Development, Growth & Development, Event Management, Media Management, Business Alliances & Collaboration (Starts ups with initialization to growth stage).

  • Successfully launched 2 startups in event management and healthcare in the eastern region as a part of a founding member.

  • Business Head in charge of all clinic operations.

Managed portfolios like OPD Business, Hospital Business, Pathology & Diagnostic Business, Home Health Care Business, Physiotherapy Business, Referral Business, Event Business, Business of Special Health Packages & Deals.

She is associated with a handful of startups from the eastern part of India 

Being a social entrepreneur she is a contributor to social causes ..

What I Specialize In





Social Cause 

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Each day we must learn to find love and spread kindness all around

Rumi Borah Quote

Creativity and innovation are closely related to Mother Nature, love her from your heart and you will blessed with the gift

Rumi Borah Quote

Let our heart blossom with the act of selfless giving 

Rumi Borah Quote

Sharing your knowledge is the hightest form of Charity

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