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Mintlime, as a conducive habitat for stakeholders of Event Industry, is committed to further strengthen the Industry through collaborations, interventions, standardization & resourcefulness; so that it can create more meaningful opportunities and solve key “global to hyper-local” challenges of entities around”.

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Nurse Talking to Patient

Kaustav Group


HealthDNA is an initiative by group of professionals to simplify healthcare system and to provide transparent and affordable quality healthcare to the remotest part of India through digital transformation.
We are dreamers, thinkers and do-ers rolled into one.
Together, we want to improve the healthcare experience for all humanity.
We are guided by our values and driven by our motto to do great.
These are not just principles for our products or our company, but they are a reflection of who we are as people.

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Laptop Work

Kaustav Group is an Indian local group of company headquartered in Kolkata, our main focus is to bring innovation and technology to day to day life, investing in manpower to improve lives  of common people.

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