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Kaustav Senapoti

Dreamer ..Learner ..




Date of Birth:

May 14, 2013

About him..

कर्मणः सुकृतस्याहुः सात्त्विकं निर्मलं फलम्‌ । रजसस्तु फलं दुःखमज्ञानं तमसः फलम्‌ ॥

I am my  mama's boy, always positive, love life and always believe in truth and Karma ..

I am curious to know about universe and the mysteries associated with it ..come join me to solve the the unknown mysteries about universe with me ..




Class 2,SBOA Public School, Guwahati 2021

Gaming, Drawing 

Quiz Time with Kaustav 

Was Pluto a planet before 2012 ?

  1. ​Yes

  2. No

  3. I dnt know 


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Planting trees for the environment is good as they are renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. If we plant 20 million trees, the earth will get 260 million more tons of oxygen. One acre of trees can remove up to 2.6 tons of Carbon Dioxide each year.

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