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"माँ” the most powerful word of the world

Rigveda 10.59.5: O life-giving Mother! Provide us with strong will-power and noble intellect. Propel us to prolong our lives with noble actions. May we enlighten the world as sun. May you nourish us with happiness

We are very familiar with the word “Maa” as it is the first word that introduces us with the world of expression, it takes us to a world where is the beginning of pure love and the river flows with its own unique direction

I have tried to understand more about the magical world and here are the findings for your knowledge, Puranas say Maa is Lakshmi. Probably the mother (Lakshmi) is made from this mother. Because Lakshmi obeys, the mother also follows the infant. If seen in this way, then the mother is a form of Lakshmi.For this reason, some scholars believe that mother means ma + aa means I mean superpower and aa mean soul ie mother, thus mother is the best work of God through which God communicates and expands his power through his share

The Mother. May we take inspiration from them and accord all women the respect that they rightly deserve. And may all women inspire themselves to get rid of all ignorant acts and rise up to fulfill the great responsibility that they owe to the society.

Here are what our Vedas says about Mother

Rigveda 10.17.10: O Mothers! Purify us with your compassion, understanding and enlightenment. The women cleanse us all from all our sins, corruption and defects. We come out firm, pure and noble from their blessed company.

Yajurveda 6.17: O pure and blessing Mothers! Cleanse us all from sins, immorality and pollution. Purge us from falsehood, hatred, jealousy and frustrations.

Yajurveda 6.31: O pure and blessing Mothers! Satisfy our mind, speech, life, eyes, ears, soul and society with nobleness.

Atharvaveda 3.13.7: O pure and blessing Mothers! I am your beloved son. O powerful mother, please guide me towards fulfillment of my noble aspirations.

Rigveda 6.61.7: O enlightening Mother! You have the potential to destroy the evil. You have a character as pure as gold. You have the potential to destroy the clouds of frustrations and doubt. You are brave and you only aspire for our well-being and success! We are indeed blessed!

Atharvaveda 7.68.2: O enlightening Mother! May you always shower your blessings in form of peace, happiness and success. May you always be pleased with us and may we never conduct any act that excludes us from your blessing gaze.

Rigveda 1.113.6: O enlightening blessing Mother! May you inspire us into the path of valor and protection of nation, society and world. May you inspire us to conduct vigorous efforts for well-being of all. May you inspire us to conduct selfless noble deeds or Yajna. May you inspire us to seek economic prosperity for all of us through sustainable means. May you inspire us to enlighten the entire society with knowledge. May you do so for entire world regardless of false divisions of gender, geography, birth, beliefs, religions etc.

Rigveda 1.113.19: O life-giving enlightening Mother! May all noble people respect you and you guide them as mother. May you be the protector of society, nation and world. May you glow as the flag of all noble, virtuous and spiritual actions. May you eradicate the darkness of ignorance through the brilliance of your knowledge. May you teach us Vedic wisdom in actions and emotions. May you be mother for entire world and provide us new birth through knowledge and compassion. In this manner, lead us into the path of glory and prosperity.

Rigveda 7.75.2: O enlightening Mother! Inspire us into the path of the noble ones and gift us with success. Guide us into tremendous glory and enormous prosperity through virtuous deeds. With your blessings, may we desire for fame that comes through noble actions. And do it RIGHT NOW!

Rigveda 7.77.4:O enlightening Mother! Cleanse us of the feeling of enmity within us. Strengthen the path of generosity and eradicate all meanness from us. Thus, bring us prosperity and inspire us into the path of success through positivity.

Rigveda 8.18.6: O pure-hearted noble Mother! Gift us with intellect and emotional quotient. Get rid of our hypocrisy. Cleanse us of our sins and inspire us to conduct noble acts in all circumstances.

Rigveda 8.18.7: May the pure life-giving enlightening woman be respected as mother everyday so that she provides us with peace and eradicates all hatred from the society.

Rigveda 8.67.12: O Mother! You conduct noble actions and have a pure mind. Cleanse us of our sins and provide us path of success. Inspire us to lead a life full of progress, compassion and honesty.

Atharvaveda 7.6.4: We want tremendous power. Hence we please motherly pure woman with our noble words and actions. She is as patient as the wide sky. She shall remove our miseries and provide us shelter in all situations.

Rigveda 10.59.5: O life-giving Mother! Provide us with strong will-power and noble intellect. Propel us to prolong our lives with noble actions. May we enlighten the world as sun. May you nourish us with happiness.

Rigveda 10.59.6: O life-giving Mother! Bless us with eyes that see noble and life that conducts noble actions. May we always work for progress and enjoy bliss. May our intellect be always pure and virtuous.

Yajurveda 35.21: O patient Mother! May you provide us happiness and support. May you provide us fame and bliss. May you destroy our sins and purify us.

Yajurveda 6.36: O Mother! May the society appreciate your potential. May they seek your blessings from east, west, north, south and everywhere. And may you bless them with prosperity and happiness.

Yajurveda 11.68: O Mother! Protect us from infighting. Protect us from violence and hatred. Propel us to conduct noble acts of valor. May we together conduct virtuous acts alone.

Rigveda 1.22.11: May the noble mothers and wives of noble persons remain always prosperous and bless us with happiness and bliss.

Yajurveda 12.15: If you desire brilliance, approach the mother. With her blessing, be the scholar of all subjects. Do not aggrieve the mother. Enlighten yourself with pure blessings of the noble mother.

May these pearls of wisdom inspire us all to lay foundation of a society that respects and nurtures women to conduct their duties as mothers of entire humanity. May the women never deviate from this glorious path. May we never deviate from lowering our respect for the motherly woman. And may we all work together to annihilate – within and outside us – all those forces that attempt to cause such deviations.

Rumi Borah,

Mother, Entrepreneur

References : Agniveer, Quora, Mom quote

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