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"माँ” the most powerful word of the world

Rigveda 10.59.5: O life-giving Mother! Provide us with strong will-power and noble intellect. Propel us to prolong our lives with noble actions. May we enlighten the world as sun. May you nourish us with happiness

We are very familiar with the word “Maa” as it is the first word that introduces us with the world of expression, it takes us to a world where is the beginning of pure love and the river flows with its own unique direction

I have tried to understand more about the magical world and here are the findings for your knowledge, Puranas say Maa is Lakshmi. Probably the mother (Lakshmi) is made from this mother. Because Lakshmi obeys, the mother also follows the infant. If seen in this way, then the mother is a form of Lakshmi.For this reason, some scholars believe that mother means ma + aa means I mean superpower and aa mean soul ie mother, thus mother is the best work of God through which God communicates and expands his power through his share